I Customized Everything In An Apple Store, Then Giving It Away - $50,000 (Giveaway) | ZHC
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the huge iPhone 11s giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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    1 Million likes and I have an insane surprise giveaway for everyone! Last video got 1 million likes so we are giving away 50 custom iPhone 11s! I finally replaced my broken iphone thanks to my friend in this video! Congrats on first comments: Jurich Hermano Jason Michael Alicia Siriander


      you are amazing

    • Mariana Simion
      Mariana Simion

      I never have a airpods or mac

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      Hayden’s Adventures

      I would love some AirPods

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      Rhia Encarquez

      pleas me pleassssss kuya

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    Nah bro i actually dont know how he does it he must be the best ever and just to let you know he is my biggest icon

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    Gayetri Mansingh

    Woah u r sooooo perfect 🤩

  • mostly David
    mostly David

    I wish I was there since I live so far

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    Murali Kumar

    Hi Bro nice paint

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    Mariya Akolawala

    I would love to meet you because you are the kindest person in the world you are and amazing guy I cant believe you give people like what they want that a very good thing I am mariya I am from India if you have seen my comment so pls tips what ever you want I am telling this to KHC

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    Your so creative

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    Courtney Morris

    this so good x

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    Boba Killua

    Who remembers vexx

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    Allan Santos

    Do it for me please.

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    Maaz Imran

    Can I please have an iphone11 I would love it and it would help me a lot

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    Tiffany Robinson

    You so cool man 😊

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    Rehaan Sinha

    More like an ASMR video..

  • Kobe Nie
    Kobe Nie

    When he drawed the watermelon i though it was cocomelon

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    Justin Kaze

    Hes amazing

  • Justin Kaze
    Justin Kaze


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    phillip turner


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    Shaan Purewal


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    Suzanne P

    I don't hv instagram:(

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    Shadowguy103 260

    What’s the song at 1:36


    Im from turkey but I like you and vıdeos

  • JoPro

    17:00 Nope, he definitely is not, after what happened...

  • Mussie Sereke
    Mussie Sereke

    Place i need one😊😊😊🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭

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    shashank m

    Love from India bro 7483745782

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    Brijems Maharjan

    i like your art

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    Sy Chong

    You a 💪🏻😎😍

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    Joanna Czyz

    IM TO S A T I S F I D E D

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    Semala Murali

    Shc i also want a iphone12

    • Semala Murali
      Semala Murali


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    Yahya Alzaidi

    Omg 😭💔 tanks you

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    Hoàng Đình Hùng


  • Jennifer Fridén
    Jennifer Fridén

    Can you speak swedish?


    9:37 the i am turkish

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    Katness on fire

    I can’t have Instagram 😞

  • sydney shaun bachar
    sydney shaun bachar

    wowi like your canel

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    Damyn Burridge

    How do you do good art🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Mexxi Martin
    Mexxi Martin

    Can you do a tutorial of drawing the blue dragon on paper that you drew on your I pad pro

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    Aini abdul aziz


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    Ou Amra

    please I want it so much

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    Suman Rai

    Please give me

  • Elliet Norland
    Elliet Norland

    Future ZHC: I painted the moon then gave it away!

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    Alipate Kilailakeba


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    gloria muita


  • Jen Hays
    Jen Hays

    Sorry I have been Wanting A MacBook for forever. But I can’t afford one😭

  • Jen Hays
    Jen Hays

    I’ve been winning a MacBook for forever. But I can’t afford one😭

    • Jen Hays
      Jen Hays

      I’ve been wanting a MacBook for forever. But I can’t afford one😭

  • Madeline Weber
    Madeline Weber

    Apple’s Best Costumer


    I Like content zhc

  • Yonah Katrina
    Yonah Katrina

    I am a big fan and you are a good day

  • Elea 3083
    Elea 3083

    where is leo now? :(

    • najwa elyas
      najwa elyas

      @Elea 3083 how is it sad they are still friends but they just don’t make videos with each other

    • Elea 3083
      Elea 3083

      @najwa elyas what do you mean how

    • najwa elyas
      najwa elyas

      @Elea 3083 how

    • Elea 3083
      Elea 3083

      @najwa elyas its so sad

    • najwa elyas
      najwa elyas

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    jollwyn fernandes

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    Unknown forever

    That looks sooooo satisfying omgosh

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    Alois Opetnik

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    yk. yuwani

    Good job...👍

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    Nadim Khan

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  • Tendai animations
    Tendai animations

    The caylus how did they do that😂

  • Tyrese Howell
    Tyrese Howell

    bruh whats ur networthhhhh

  • Kyxtos

    No one: Litearlly NO ONE: Random girl: "WaiT I wANT AiRpoDS"

  • Kam Art
    Kam Art

    Did you customize a Apple Pencil off camera, because I didn’t see you customize it? But it would be cool to see you customize it!!!

  • Wally Etika
    Wally Etika

    Zar you guys are so amazing I always watch your UZload channel for the first day and the week I will get it in a little while and then you have a great day

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    lydia ignacia


  • lydia ignacia
    lydia ignacia


  • Amogh Baliga
    Amogh Baliga

    *ZHC enters apple store* Employees: Come let's bag everything up

  • Eman Khalid
    Eman Khalid

    I really love your customized phones So creative Luv from Pakistan ❤❤

  • Sophia Adams
    Sophia Adams

    It's amazing what you doing

  • Jeff Halterman
    Jeff Halterman

    can i please have a mac book its my dream

  • mp

    i want his hair

  • mp

    coolest reptile ever!!!!

  • driee

    Me watching this again and again because I cant afford to buy for my own


    I am literally still repairing my Xbox 360

  • Ethan

    I did sibrscribe

  • padam Mahat
    padam Mahat

    plzz give me nothing but the apple watch umm actully no need causein am from nepal and uare from umm i dont knowhaha

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    sneha Vithanage

    Zhc can u please post new videos on ZHC crafts coz i am running out of videos

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    Macky Galang

    wow!! that looks so dope i swear. you’re amazing for doing this! god bless you more 😊

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    The Toastitos

    They need a clear case like I always say

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    oscar herrerayoutube

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    Girl gaming

    U got serious talent

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    Ayanca Deanne Goud

    Can You give away me a mini i pd

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    Buğra Öztürk


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    3rigodones 3rigodones

    What do I have to do to win something

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    Pleas give me

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    I want it

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    Amanda Beasley

    So satisfying

    • Amanda Beasley
      Amanda Beasley

      Can I please get a giveaway

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    julie williams

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  • julie williams
    julie williams

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    Tejas Mahajan

    Wasting lots of Mobile

  • Tejas Mahajan
    Tejas Mahajan

    Can u give me one of them

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    Xmax ,

    Every first ten comments ill like it


    You know i really want it but i live in another country i live in malaysia 😥😥😥

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    Arturo Rojas Hernández


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    Asif Yahya

    يا رب اني افوز I wan the Apple Watch ⌚️

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    eser ergün

    Ello I am a big fan can you costumisw my Sony Xperia xa2 as the dream...I guess you know him a legendary Minecraft player (edit) I guess you can't because I live in england :(

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    Emily Dale

    Hey zhc u shood do ur playbutten

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    Abebe luel

    Im in ethiopia

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    Kimora Bragg

    and please do this video again please and I am a big fan of you.

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    Kimora Bragg

    zhc come to new york in haverstaw ny

  • HOTboi Shhidd
    HOTboi Shhidd

    Hey ZHC. I’ve been following you for years now, I’ve been here since 6mil subscribers. I’m most certainly one of your biggest Fans from South Africa! I’ve entered all of your giveaways, and you’ve given out thousands of gifts like phones and cars, but some how I’m abit unlucky when it comes to winning. I’m reaching out to you in the hops of grabbing your attention and hopefully receiving one of your custom masterpieces❤️ it would really make me the happiest person alive.


    I like this video

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    Juan Hernandez

    Do min plz 😔