I Surprised Addison Rae With A Custom Car!
I surprised Addison Rae with her dream custom car!
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    • Amal Draz
      Amal Draz

      I love you guys even adison i love you

    • Elizabeth Soto
      Elizabeth Soto

      I love fruit especially dragon fruit I would love that car

    • James Mccall
      James Mccall

      I love zhc

    • Mihailo Musikic
      Mihailo Musikic


    • Mihailo Musikic
      Mihailo Musikic


  • Katrina Gabbard
    Katrina Gabbard

    Addison::im a good driver i swear Me::girl no..

  • Isabella Van Houten
    Isabella Van Houten

    I have never seen zch with a long sleeved shirt lol

  • Willow Hershey
    Willow Hershey

    i didn't just knowdes this but michelels favorite color is pink

  • Sinthu Selvaraj
    Sinthu Selvaraj

    RIP watermelon 🍉

  • Ishan Sarkar
    Ishan Sarkar

    3:42 ewwwww that was from the ground!

  • Celia Lee
    Celia Lee

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate the editing!

  • hanczestube

    Where can i buy this pens to pain my car? XD help! Greetings from Poland.

  • Pia

    Leo is german right

  • maplelump

    AMMO NYC probably has some opinions about if the paint jobs going to last or not

  • adalia cain
    adalia cain


  • Austin Matthew Yvet Trigo
    Austin Matthew Yvet Trigo

    14:13 yes Addison an avocado...

  • Maryam . Laith
    Maryam . Laith


  • Madeleine Yoon
    Madeleine Yoon

    Hi ZHC you have become my inspiration and I really want to draw like you but one question what kind of markers do you use??

  • Alexi Hernandez
    Alexi Hernandez

    I live in Pasadena 607

  • Alexi Hernandez
    Alexi Hernandez


  • Viola Lundsgaard Olsen Bach
    Viola Lundsgaard Olsen Bach

    the amount of times she said yall

  • Mia Marli Stanislavov�
    Mia Marli Stanislavov�


  • Kaleb Graham
    Kaleb Graham

    Could I get a lamb? Lol

  • Eternal Bonds
    Eternal Bonds

    look banana BANANA

  • Adrianna Bates
    Adrianna Bates

    Can we just appreciate Addisons reaction everyone else’s r literally wow that’s so cool Me: reacting to someone else it’s a fricken lambo


    anyone is gonna talk about how good they draw?

  • neelam azmat
    neelam azmat

    Ooh so good i wish i could get that love from lahore

  • Zaran Zahan
    Zaran Zahan


  • Zaran Zahan
    Zaran Zahan

    Car is Bugatti type motion is Bugatti type PDF

  • nrg rj
    nrg rj

    It's crazy how is zhc used to say cuss words

  • Andrew Cleaves
    Andrew Cleaves

    when you peel of the tape its so satisfing

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen

    Perhaps this is the car she almost died in.

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen

    The car is not Addison's anymore. She left it in her heritage. 😇 Good days in heaven.

  • Silvia Trejo
    Silvia Trejo

    Yes yes yes yes

  • Cleo Rose
    Cleo Rose

    Wow good

  • Ellie Her
    Ellie Her

    When Michelle put the yogurt in the smoothie it is the same yogurt that my mom got from the store

  • crystal Wong love
    crystal Wong love

    U so rich and good I'm poor 😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺😭🥺

  • Alice Vidal
    Alice Vidal

    Johnny looks like leo

  • poland jeffson
    poland jeffson

    Odevlorobphenel madarabhallelujah

  • natalie divinsky
    natalie divinsky

    Do you have the number of Edison Ray? If so then aIIow her numbe I beg

  • Shannon Lebrun
    Shannon Lebrun

    cg chiken girls

  • Ashley McMurtry
    Ashley McMurtry

    amazing desine I love it

  • PixelRen

    everytime zhc uploads a video like this it looks like hes about to do a disstrack

  • The Strong Ducky
    The Strong Ducky

    POV you dont think addison should get the car bc of what she did

  • Kenzie Weirdgirl
    Kenzie Weirdgirl

    Is she not rich she said she wasn’t I felll like she’s rich thougj

  • Ashton DubZ
    Ashton DubZ

    Addison: OMG IM ABOUT TO CRY Lucas: BANANA

  • Ashton DubZ
    Ashton DubZ

    No cap I thought she would want some Ferrari or something but she likes the same car as me

  • Lanie C
    Lanie C

    Omg i love turkey

  • PAYCS Trading Company Ltd
    PAYCS Trading Company Ltd

    Zach Is Jeep Wrangler For Thirty thousand dollars

  • PAYCS Trading Company Ltd
    PAYCS Trading Company Ltd


  • Jimmy Deoo9ceh . midoc by
    Jimmy Deoo9ceh . midoc by

    Zhc the funnal vision will it

  • Jack Parker
    Jack Parker

    Me at 0:38: wait are they at faze rugs hous?

  • Mha Momo
    Mha Momo


  • Nusaiyba Malik
    Nusaiyba Malik

    I did

  • Elin och Felicia
    Elin och Felicia

    Please i subsribe You are my bigest fan!!!!! I’m living in Sweden

  • spamghetti and a bilby
    spamghetti and a bilby

    POV: It rains

  • Amir Omar
    Amir Omar

    0:22 so its not a brand new car

  • Farisya Maisara
    Farisya Maisara

    Please 🥺

  • Farisya Maisara
    Farisya Maisara

    But.. i dont have ig, fb and twitter

  • Farisya Maisara
    Farisya Maisara

    I want to follow you in all apps

  • Eman Abushanab
    Eman Abushanab

    I love your video and Love art and I wish I can be as good as u in art and you are so nice and thoughtful

  • Анна Новикова
    Анна Новикова

    Им дали покушать, просто пирог с бананом они подарили что то из эпловской техники (не помню что именно) можно мне таких друзей?😅

  • Byron Huang
    Byron Huang

    He should surprise all tiktokers with custom universities and textbooks

  • Tøxic cuties
    Tøxic cuties

    We all want Zhc as a friend ✨✨

  • Thano

    i love you addison💖❤

  • Ballard Family
    Ballard Family

    I want to meet you zhc

  • Ezphia Rennock
    Ezphia Rennock

    Next on ZHC will make 100 phones for the hype members

  • Ezphia Rennock
    Ezphia Rennock

    Did addi even now

  • God Vibes
    God Vibes

    The beginning reminded me of a fast and furious moment

  • Rodrigo Del Toro
    Rodrigo Del Toro

    This is super nit-picky but that’s not a 2018 model Jeep Wrangler JL thats a JK, the older model.

  • jana mohamed
    jana mohamed

    My mums favourite car is a Range Rover

  • hellokittyfsn

    me just realizes how short addi is for zhc is just tall

  • Devang Shah
    Devang Shah

    3000: surprising NASA with a custom Mars

  • Marisa Mazzeo
    Marisa Mazzeo

    spaghetti mafia pizza mandolino berlusconi italy

  • Gameical Locha
    Gameical Locha


  • feyza eyinç
    feyza eyinç


  • feyza eyinç
    feyza eyinç


  • A A
    A A

    اول عربيهههههههه

  • Kenzie Pham-Nguyen
    Kenzie Pham-Nguyen

    Addison: I'm litteraly about to cry The little boy: Banana

    • Aniston :D
      Aniston :D

      little boy: Lucus

  • Aya Sparxles
    Aya Sparxles

    How much time did Addison say "Y'all are so amazing, nice, crazy..."

  • Pooja Totla
    Pooja Totla

    Wow Addison Rae was so happy 😊

  • reem Elridy
    reem Elridy


  • reem Elridy
    reem Elridy

    But I can't

  • reem Elridy
    reem Elridy

    Bou I can't

  • Recorder Son Cat
    Recorder Son Cat


  • Snowy

    It’s all CARS THE HECK?

  • I Chimp
    I Chimp

    6:51 when imposter is sus

  • GoLdEn Gaming and vlogs 10
    GoLdEn Gaming and vlogs 10

    6:13 cinamatic smoothi shot

  • Happy Happy lucky
    Happy Happy lucky

    Next episode give custom earth to Addison rae

  • Happy Happy lucky
    Happy Happy lucky

    If the metal actually did that then her dream car would still sadly be dream


    I feel so happy for addison

  • Hi I’m here
    Hi I’m here

    R thoes lil ppl with Addison her siblingsssss

  • Gideon Kharwanlang
    Gideon Kharwanlang

    I want to see a custom House of yours

  • James Collins
    James Collins

    I put Addison Rae on my school pictures

  • Gracie Piercey
    Gracie Piercey

    is this a commercial for masking tape?

  • Sophia Grace
    Sophia Grace

    It’s looks so easy but it prob not

  • Pingulol 12321
    Pingulol 12321

    Pretty sure she could buy 10 of those jeeps.

  • Alexander Aman
    Alexander Aman

    Love the car

  • xXCharliXx

    I love watching ZHC so much!

  • Ari Galvez
    Ari Galvez

    That’s my dream car

  • Kristine tagle
    Kristine tagle

    Gavin magnus best friend

  • Kristine tagle
    Kristine tagle

    Its enzo

  • Mehtab Amin.
    Mehtab Amin.

    Is colours is waterproof?


    I Think u should do a car for ur neighbour because she’s really kind to u guys