I Customized 100 iPhones, Then Giving Them To People In Need!
We literally bought 100 iPhones, customized them, then gave them away to people who really needed them!
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    Please subscribe if you're new! This video means a lot to me so please subscribe and share so I can do more videos like this and spread joy to the world! I also have a ton of iphones to give to you guys! Thank you all so so much for 13 million subscribers! 20 million by the end of 2020! First comment: LOOVERANG

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      Eric Wood

      Stay safe. They all look amazing. You guys are so good at art. Hope I win and good look to everyone... 🙂🙂👍👍🎨🎨


      Wish to have one on this year of pandemic 😔Cannot afford to buy in life time

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    This is just unbelievable I was looking at this video and it is the same day of my birthday keep doing what you're doing the lord is looking at your good work

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    Was it just me that felt kinda sad when the neighbor didn't get one :( and their cookies looked delicious :'(

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    The way you asked you're girlfriend to be you're girlfriend is so cute and nice and beautiful💛💚💙💜💓

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    Hails Davis

    I love your videos you are absolutely amazing at drawing I have always wanted something that you customized it is my dream to meet you zach😍😃😍😃😍😃😍😃😍

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  • shaarav surya
    shaarav surya

    Give some phones to India

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    Who Else Loves Leo

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